If you want to keep your car’s beautiful condition without spending a ton of money, you need a few tricks to remedy small issues, not limited to little dents on your car door, hood, or roof. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on paying a body shop for these minor repairs, you just need a little information and some available materials, and you can get these small dents out on your own. It’ll save you a ton of money! The following will be simple fixes and inexpensive methods, but it should keep your vehicle looking great.

Though you can utilize may different do it yourself methods to repair small dents, this guide will focus on a few of the most popular: the “plumber’s method,” the “cold method,” and the “hot method.” Of course, if all else fails, there’s the “professional method.”

Plumber’s Method

This method isn’t necessarily an extravagant way in the equipment you use, but it does remain a favorite among do it yourselfers. As the description aptly notes, you just grab a standard plunger from your bathroom and try to suck the dent out. This works on dents without a crease because you need a somewhat smooth surface to create suction. If you don’t have a plunger, any “plunging” product will work. You’ll no doubt get some funny looks from your neighbors doing this one.

Cold Method

If you’re ready to graduate up from the plunger to more of a scientific solution, the “cold method” might be for you. Dry ice is readily available to keep items such as coolers cold. Dry ice is the frozen form of carbon dioxide, and it reaches temperatures approaching 110 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. It’s so cold that it smokes upon encountering regular temperatures. This is clearly dangerous for skin, so gloves are absolutely required to handle dry ice, and you’ll need safety goggles too. After you’ve obtained the appropriate safety gear, simply put the dry ice on your dent for a few minutes, then remove it, then wait for the cold metal to contact the warmer ambient air around it. If your dent doesn’t come out on the first try, feel free to give it a go again.

Hot Method

Going along the same line as the “cold method,” the “hot method” heats the metal surface of the vehicle instead of cooling it. It is a fast change in temperature that expands the surface and then contracts it. This huge swing in temp can pop the metal back to its original shape. Just place some aluminum foil over the dent to protect the car, heat it with a lighter or heat gun for about 30 seconds, and then spray cool air on it. A compressor works best. The heat will elasticize the metal, making it flex, and this should let it go back to its normal shape.
As with the cold method above, be careful to protect your eyes and skin. Also, make sure you don’t damage your paint with the heat.

Professional Method

If all else fails and none of the methods above work, you may need to buy a kit for dent removal or take your car to the body shop. If you have to do the latter, make sure you take the time to shop around for the best price for your repair. Body shops will have wildly different pricing from one to the other.

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