Minor Dent Removal – Pop It Like It’s Hot!

If you want to keep your car’s beautiful condition without spending a ton of money, you need a few tricks to remedy small issues, not limited to little dents on your car door, hood, or roof. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on paying a body shop for these minor repairs, [...]

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8 Tips for Owning Black Friday in 2017

As the cool fall breeze flows through the air and beautiful foliage is visible everywhere, I’m reminded that the busiest shopping day of the year is upon us: Black Friday. Just on Black Friday alone in 2016, 137 million people packed the malls and stores to score those Christmas deals. Busy consumers spent $655 billion [...]

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10 Tips on How to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket

Though I’m sure you’d come to this conclusion on your own by seeing all the hot-rod cars on the In & Out Title Loans website, I’ve had a speeding ticket or twenty in my day. Amazingly, I have no tickets on my record though. It’s really because I view law enforcement officers as people with [...]

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How to Buy a Used Car Like a Boss

When you’re in the market for a used car, you’re definitely not alone. If you look at private and dealership sales, more than 45 million transactions happen each year. Finding that perfect car for you can be a challenge with so many options. To help prepare you, we’ve created a good rule-of-thumb list to help [...]

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Tips to Prevent Buying a Flooded Vehicle in Texas

In the wake of hurricane Harvey and all the massive flooding that occurred in Huston, buyers need to be especially diligent in making sure they don't purchase a flooded vehicle. The damage from a flood can be faint, and difficult for the untrained eye to spot. Rest assured, it does affect resale value though. According [...]

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