As the cool fall breeze flows through the air and beautiful foliage is visible everywhere, I’m reminded that the busiest shopping day of the year is upon us: Black Friday. Just on Black Friday alone in 2016, 137 million people packed the malls and stores to score those Christmas deals. Busy consumers spent $655 billion in 2016 and are expected to spend $682 billion in 2017.

With the holiday season approaching, I’d like to offer the following tips to help you get the most out of Black Friday in 2017. Get your credit card out, gas up your vehicle, and let’s drive out for holiday savings!

1. Planning is crucial to a successful Black Friday. Narrow your focus to the items you’re looking for and download the Black Friday apps for the retailers selling them. Also, map a strategy on their websites. The more planning you put up front, the less of a hassle it’ll be later on.

2. Most of the doorbuster deals you see in-store will also be available online. See if you can take care of some big-ticket items online. You have to be fast though! If a deal is available online, it’ll usually only be for a short time. You could take a hybrid approach by taking your tablet or phone to the store.

3. The really compelling Black Friday deals are mostly on electronics. If you narrow your focus on this commodity on Black Friday, you will be maximizing your savings. Save non-electronics buys for before, after, or online.

4. If you have to include clothing or accessories in your Black Friday adventure, only go after steep discounts off of retail prices. Researchers say that August and September are the best months for discounts on those, so consider stocking up before Black Friday. Don’t settle for less than 50% off if you have to buy clothes on Black Friday.

5. If you have a favorite retailer or line that never discounts, the possibility is high that they will for Black Friday. If your favorite clothing brand is offering deals, consider making a large purchase to rack up savings for not only the holiday but also the rest of the year.

6. Get started early to get your deals while inventory is still on the shelves. Some retailers even open just after midnight. Plan your trip to arrive at the stores you need to go to right when they open. Get a family member to help you stage your trip if you have to, but get there early. They don’t call it a doorbuster for anything!

7. Aside from main-stream retailers that heavily advertise Black Friday deals, discount stores also have Black Friday promotions. If you take an item that’s already been discounted and apply another Black Friday discount on top of it, you are really scoring some serious savings. Don’t skip your favorite bargain store to see what they are offering for Black Friday.

8. Stay cool and try not to get completely overwhelmed with emotion. If you’re in a crowd of frantic shoppers, don’t let it get the best of you by clocking the lady next to you that grabbed your item. Stay calm and work your plan. That’s why it’s so crucial to map things out beforehand so you can stay level-headed and on point.

Now your armed with all the information you need to have a successful 2017 Black Friday. If you’ve racked up the charges on your credit card and need a quick cash loan to help you make ends meet, In & Out is here to help you with an auto title loan. We offer our title loan referral services in 39 states in the US, and we’re always here to help.